Perform in-depth match analysis has never been so simple and effective.
Follow the three basic steps to enter the world of professional match analysis.
VideoMatch: il nostro impegno al servizio del successo del tuo team!

1. Analyze

The term “analyze” is often associated with a long and laborious task.  In creating VideoMatch we aimed to eliminate these features from the process, turning the match analysis into a visualisation with the option to report on a clipboard-like the significant phases with a quick but thorough cataloging.

The average time required for cataloging a match on DVD (or video files) with VideoMatch is about half of the match time. We achieved this result optimizing each single pass made during the match view, and removing all the procedures that slowed it down. Your attention as coach or analyst must remain on the match, the software has to be a tool at your service, that supports your senses and increases your productivity.

2. Search and Export

Search among the keys you used to catalog the match and create the video editing to show  to your players.

Filter the actions by type, you want to analyze the set-pieces? Choose an offensive corner kick, layoff, central free kick, and export it with a click in editing area.

You are ready to preview your video.

Do you want to highlight your defensive formation? Use the drawing tools in the frame of your interest.

Do you want to export video on a USB key ? Click Export and select the size and resolution you need.

3. Video Server

View and download the matches from our Video Server, PC, Mac, iPad and from any other mobile device.

Calculation of  the distances covered, metabolic powers and team’s geometries  are some of the services we provide to the Italian National Team.