SICS is a company specialized in providing softwares development  and sport services. Since years  we’re involved in projecting and realizing software with technical collaboration of  highly qualified football specialists, both in athletic and in technical-tactical features.

Since 1995 SICS has worked in close contact with the most important national and international sport clubs , in order to develop  and supply innovative products and services based on the increansingly sophisticated needs of the technical staff  and professional clubs.

In  2003 SICS realized for professional clubs an innovative football video match analysis system called Digital Stadium, that works  with a dedicated cameras system placed in the stadium, and a passive video tracking software that doesn’t need any sensor to be worn by the player, this allows to collect all the movements’ data both of the players and of the ball, with the possibility to capture and to analyze all the cinematic parameters of each player and even the team’s and the  divisions’ movements.

The Digital Stadium system has been used by AC Milan, Inter FC, ACF Fiorentina, Palermo FC, Italian National League at European 2006, 2012, and more foreign  clubs.

With the goal to provide to anyone, both well-known professional clubs and coaches who want to grow in the football world by acquiring appropriate tools for their work, in 2010 we developed the software product VideoMatch, a football match video analysis system focused on the ease of use and the speed of execution, that allows anyone to obtain, with  a considerable reduction of working time compared to other systems of video-editing, sophisticated football matches video analyses both of  your own team and the opponents with an unprecedented immediacy.

Since 2010 we have worked hard in order to release every year a new version of the product with ever greater sophisticated functionalities while maintaining the approach of simplicity and speed of use that have always characterized VideoMatch.

We have worked and we are currently working  with the Italian national team and with the main professional clubs: