VideoMatch allows quick cataloging (or tagging) of the most significant actions of the match (or about training’s moments) using types of events fully customizable. Anyone can therefore freely define their own keys cataloging.

The software comes with a set of  standard Actions: Offensive Action, Defensive Action, Set-Pieces, Shot, Chance created, Assist, Through Passes, layoff, Cross,  movements of the defensive formation, are just some of the examples of cataloging that will be used.



Additional keys cataloging can be freely added by the user, or more masks cataloging can be created.

The cataloging can be nested, for example within an offensive action is  possible to insert a cross, an assist, the shooting and the goal.

While cataloging is possible to insert the players involved in the action and a brief note as a comment to the action itself, to be used for subsequent searches or to better categorize the action.

Each catalogued action is characterized by a precise start time and end time, not from a predefined duration. This allows a more accurate cataloging and correspondence between situations that can last a few seconds (a shot), or others that may continue for a few tens of seconds (Offensive Action).