Prepare the success of your team with VideoMatch

VideoMatch is the most advanced program of football matches video analysis currently on the market. Designed and developed by SICS based on years of experience in this field and on collaboration with the most prestigious national and international staff. The program is characterized by an extreme ease and speed of use and by a specific attention to reduce the time required to make in-depth analyses of matches.


VideoMatch has been developed keeping in mind the coaches’ demands. Altough they have not to be necessarely  information technology experts, surely they have specific needs not easily solved with standard video editing programs, often quite complicated to use, and most importantly not targeted to a specific use. VideoMatch is aimed to studying matches, training sessions and in general any video dealing with the team activities. The supported videos can come from DVD, from a camera or  from other sources producing an

AVI, MPEG4 file (and other video formats commonly used).

It’s possible to work directly on the DVD or import the video on the hard disk of the PC (or on an external drive). In this case the generated video archive allows  to do further researches on all the keys used for cataloging.

The program works on Windows (XP or later), but it can also be used on Mac computers, providing an appropriate emulator or a Windows partition.