VM LiveScout is the simplest, easy to use and complete free app to analyze the football matches in Real Time.

It’s the ideal available app for coaches and match analysts. The data of the match can be collected at the venue using a iPad, at the training site or just watching the game on television

Download free from App Store

You can choose between 2 possible levels of details (working configurations):

FAST: collection of the customized game actions or events without specifying the players

FULL: FAST + details of the players that provide a major contribution to each game action

Main features of VMLiveScout app:

  • Any number of Actions Panels can be created with customized Actions Buttons
  • Links between different buttons to code more details about the game with no additional effort (Ex. Goal-Goal conceded, Shot-Shot conceded, Offside-Offside provoked, …)
  • Buttons background colors can be assigned to group different kind of actions
  • Customizable text colors and fonts of the buttons
  • The button can be assigned a single or double click response, to differentiate between tactical and statistical data collection
  • Summary of game statistics by Team/player
  • Seasons, Teams and Players archive
  • Export of collected data in csv format and send by email

The data collected can also be easily exported to SICS VideoMatch analysis software timeline, with no need of wired connection, using a cloud user dedicated space. Data collected can be easily synchronized with the video if it is available.